a note on expectation

Ask me when I’m most content. I’d tell you: November, when the California weather is crisp but not frigid or wintry; a light jacket is enough to alleviate my goosebumps while still allowing the freshness of the Autumn air to clear my mind. I’m driving south from the valley, exiting the 405 freeway onto Pacific [...]

dear twenty eighteen

dear twenty eighteen, I do not hate you. I think you sometimes hated me. If I were to be naive, I could sum up your 365 days into one angry word; but that would not be fair. Truth be told, you taught me more than I have ever learned in all my life. You taught [...]

18 things i learned at 18

(I wrote these 18 things down between 12:00 a.m. and 12:10 a.m. on Tuesday, November 27th - my first ten minutes of being an adult) 1. You are not for everyone. You know those things you do, believe in, or fight for? People aren’t always going to like them. In fact, it’s easier to assume [...]

1 a.m. in los angeles

I am sitting on a bus, watching with tired eyes as the lights of LAX fade off in the distance only to be replaced with brighter lights of the city ahead. It is one in the morning and my eyelids are heavy but my hands are shaking and my mind is grinding, spinning like a [...]